Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Words on a Diet

the letter "N" alone, looks racist.

get off my cloud

adults half price
there was only one carousel at my feet
its name was red sporting and it was affordable
being a gentlemen
i told the operator
"one day, your gonna' look god in the face"
he smiled and wrote on a sheet of paper
"things I saw in front of me
food you eat when your a kid
a bunch of white crosses
black beauties
cherry blossoms"
I think I made a friend

Royal Firecracker Teeth

Eric works at Duane Reade mon-friday
He is having a sex change operation
This upsets his family and their friends
Although his mom calls him everyday
he doesn't answer the phone
He sleeps with all the covers off and turns the thermisat up to 82"
which never changes
He pays 100 dollars a week to live above the store.
which he works at
He hates his brother and his wife and their child
because he hates himself
Eric is a Gemini
he lives above the store.

Naked Singularity .1

Naked Singularity .2